Electric Opel Ampera!

Really it is a reality, and the German company really is going to begin a batch production of this car? It would be desirable to answer this question positively, after all new Opel Ampera actually very interesting car. And, the main thing, perspective. It is necessary to tell that Americans were engaged in creation Ampera mainly, after all Ampera represents, as a matter of fact, a copy shown last year Chevrolet Volt. The main feature of this car is, certainly, the power-plant – it here to differ that we have got used to see at modern hybrids (now usually at hybrids the main thing the petrol motor is, and the electric motor only helps it). But Opel Ampera will receive energy for movement exclusively from an electric motor. Accumulators should suffice to pass an order of 65 km. And as soon as «accumulators» begin to be discharged, action will be entered by the gasoline engine. And, last unit here is used only for additional charge of accumulators. Thus the driver will have a possibility to "fill" the car not only gasoline, but also an electricity by means of a wire and the socket connection in 220 Vt. For full gymnastics of the accumulator it is required only 2-3 hours! Thanks to last feature Opel Ampera it is possible to name potentially more economic car in comparison with the main competitors: Toyota Prius and Honda Insight.

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